ST. LOUIS POP ROCK HARMONY EXPLOSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming Soon FIRE DOG’s “For the Kids” Album

purchase advance tickets for April 19’s CD Release!! here

FIRE DOG’s mission is to spread positive vibrations through songs of truth and intrigue, creating a sound full of energy and optimism for the 21st Century, to make the people dance!!

FIRE DOG is a three-piece rock and roll band based out of Saint Louis that has been sharing its unique brand of pop, rock harmonies since 2006. In this time, the band has played countless shows, throughout the country. FIRE DOG’s friendly stage persona fits in everywhere. From street festivals and community centers to clubs and dive bars, FIRE DOG makes friends and fans wherever they might play.


Saturday, March 28 @ Kitchen Coffee Mark-O-Solo * For the Kids

Friday, April 17 @ Kennard Classical Elementary FIRE DOG *For the Kids – 3 PM

Sunday, April 19 @ The Focal Point FIRE DOG’s “For the Kids” CD Release!! – 12:00 PM

Saturday, April 28 @ Kitchen House Coffee Mark-O-Solo * For the Kids

Friday, May 22 @ The Venice Cafe FIRE DOG * two sets – 9:30-1AM



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