“Endangered Species Project”

From the liner notes :

“Endangered Species Project is a collection of songs that gently plants the seeds of conservation in budding young minds. FIRE DOG recognizes that a renewed awareness and passion for our animals will emerge if we teach our children. These songs point to our past mistakes in protecting animals and ecosystems – along with our successes. Once the most abundant bird in North America, the Passenger Pigeon was wiped out in a matter of decades. However, the Endangered Species Acts was a direct response to the pigeon’s extinction, and it has saved many animals from the same fate. After quick and decisive actions from conservationists, our beloved sea cow, the Manatee, and the ancient Hellbender salamander are building their numbers back up.

Through these animals’ stories FIRE DOG shows that on-going efforts can make an immediate difference in preserving whole species of creatures. By conveying information through rhythm and melody, FIRE DOG offers a whimsical way for people to learn and remember facts about these amazing animals that might otherwise be forgotten. Music has the power to create community, and community is what we need to address the most pressing issue of our time. These animals’ stories teach us that we must learn to live more harmoniously with all creatures – for their survival and for ours as well.” – Natasha Talon of Go! Go! Global Girls