People Say

 photo by Virginia Harold

Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis

“FIRE DOG is a powerful trio of musicians that skillfully harness youthful energy and sophisticated songwriting. Their songs are humorous, poignant, original, and entertaining, connecting with kids and parents alike. They immediately had the crowd of over 200 up on their feet dancing and having a great time.” – Tuan Nguyen, Director of Education

Missouri History Museum

“FIRE DOG is always a blast! They are a group of very talented performers who truly love what they do – encouraging kids to laugh, sing, dance, and be themselves! They have a vast repertoire of high-energy, feel-good songs that are loved by kids of all ages and their adults as well. The musicians are extremely reliable, self-sufficient, and overall great to be around. Highly recommended!” – Lindsay Newton, Youth and Family Programs 

Electric Kids Music – Australia

“FIRE DOG serves up songs that have heaps of attitude, are full of energy, and contain melodies that are second to none. They clearly succeed in providing an authentic message brimming with energy and optimism for the 21st century.” – Dez Staunton, Music Critic

I Went To a Show 

“For a decade now, FIRE DOG’s warm, inclusive pop music has delighted music fans from all walks of life … FIRE DOG knows how to rock, but the band has managed a stage and brand presence over the years that is as welcoming and harmonic as its songs.” – Jess Luther, Music Blogger


“As two of this city’s most tireless purveyors of positivity, Mark Pagano and Celia Shacklett use their band to pursue both musical and interpersonal harmony. Pagano leads FIRE DOG with his strong, high tenor voice and knack for catchy pop grooves.  Solid goodhearted pop at work by a band that takes bright-eyed cheerfulness very seriously.” – Christian Schaeffer, Music Critic

Here’s what folks are saying about FIRE DOG’s “For the Kids” live show:

  • “Fire Dog had the entire audience rocking out, literally dancing in the aisles at Central Library’s Play Date Theater. Everybody had so much fun!! We look forward to having the band back soon.”Joe Schwartz, Event Coordinator Central Library
  • “Members of the band did an excellent job of presenting their music on a level which the young children could appreciate without minimizing the quality of their compositions or performance.” Mr. Bill Wasmer, Music Teacher at Buder School
  • “The kids LOVED the performance! It was high-energy, educational, and interactive. When they got back to the room, they kept singing!” Ms. Lindy, 4th Grade Teacher
  • “FIRE DOG avoids dumbing down their content for children. The result is music at is equally enjoyable for parents and their kids. Some songs carry a positive message, some songs teach, and some songs are just plain fun. Mark and Celia do an excellent job keep the crowd engaged, involved, and entertained.” Jeff Lehman, Archtop Music Therapy

Here’s what the kids have to say:

  •  “FIRE DOG is so awesome. I love the way they sing.” – Leila D. (3rd Grade)
  • “FIRE DOG did a great job. I love the songs. They know how to play their instruments.”Demontez (4th Grade)